The timber we use is either H3 Design Pine, which is a treated pine that is suitable for outdoor above-ground use or it is a recycled hardwood species. The timber can tolerate outside conditions and to clean the timber just wipe it down with a moist cloth or use a feather duster to remove any debris. Any spills can be removed using soapy water and a damp cloth. Do not use harsh chemicals to clean the painted products.

If the timber is a colour, we use outdoor paint with mould and mildew-resistant technology as well as fade resistance.
* If you need to touch up the swing’s paint colour please contact Cartia Collective for paint references.

The natural hardwood timbers used are New Guinea Rosewood, Teak, and Oregon, which carry a high oil content to ensure greater resistance to the outdoor elements. Outdoor hardwood timbers will change colour over time to a more grey appearance. Some timbers can leach and we suggest hosing down the floor regularly for the first few months.

Avoid placing the timber in puddles or waterlogged positions for extended periods.


We use a range of outdoor fabrics from Warwick, 3Beaches and Profile and they are all perfect for outdoor applications.

The fabrics are light, durable and easy to clean and are made to commercial grade. They are developed to withstand fading from sunlight, mould and mildew resistant and will not stain or mark with chlorine.

Any debris should be dusted off the cushions with a soft dry cloth or feather duster.

All our cushions are made using a concealed zip so the covers can be removed and gently machine-washed with upholstery detergent or Eco Store Laundry Powder. The temperature must not exceed 40 degrees. They are to be naturally dried and are

Spot clean spills as soon as possible. 

Mop the liquid from the surface first then use a dry cleaning solvent.

Do Not Scrub.

Do Not tumble dry.

Never Iron outdoor fabrics.


The rope used is a synthetic, marine product which means that it won’t break down over time like a natural sisal and is tolerant in outdoor weather conditions, including salt water.

Spider webs or debris can be lightly brushed off or wiped down with a damp cloth. The ends of the rope are cut using a hot knife so there shouldn’t be any fraying, but if the ends do need to be tidied up over time, heating a knife blade and holding it against the rope will seal any loose strands.

Outdoor Cushions