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Do you love the idea of a hanging chair or daybed in your patio or verandah area, but are unsure if your roof is stable enough?

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We can help you work out if your particular roof situation is going to be suitable to hang a swing from. There are lots of different options for hanging a swing and we can help you decide on what is going to be the most secure and what is best suited for you.

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How To Complete The Roof Assessment?

Complete the easy step-by-step questionnaire to find out if your roof is suitable to handle your dream daybed or swing
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Malabar hanging daybed package

Create Your Dream Outdoor Space

Together we can help you achieve your goals, and expand your outdoor spaces’ functionality and beauty. 

Get our custom installation recommendations for your roof. 

If we don’t think you can install a hanging chair or daybed in your roof… we will tell you! 

Don't Buy Before You Do This..

When asked to be the artesian designer focus for an Australia's Selling In The City episode, we were surprised and thrilled.
Swings innately create a sense of calm and evoke a connection to your environment. We filmed in the workshop in Brookvale and onsite at Kingsford. The beautiful couple that had their house renovated, were excited to finally have a space that connected them to the outside and the hanging daybed was the cherry on top!

As Seen On Australia's...

Binge Selling In The City

Cartia Collective is a Sydney-based swing brand that reimagines timeless classics with beautiful, modern designs. These designs transform a space into something special. Using high-quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship, Cartia Collective creates each swing to enhance its connection with the environment and community. 

Helping you to create spaces that tell a story, create a statement and last a lifetime.