Stravage Outdoor Hanging Daybed


When you’re designing and composing your backyard what are some of the key features you need? Plants, pergola, maybe a pool, decking?

Now think about what are some of your wish list items? This hanging daybed is uniquely designed for those that cannot choose in what direction you’d prefer to face and swing. Maybe you want the afternoon soon on your back or maybe you want to watch the kids in the pool or in the backyard.. With the Stravage Flip-Back Swing, you can have it both ways.

The simple, clean lines on this outdoor bed swing allow it to seamlessly interact with your outdoor living space and offer not only a place to relax and sit but to also the ability to functionally add depth to you use your backyard. The hinging action of this hanging daybed, reminiscent of the old tram seats, wanders outside of the bounds of normal into a more extravagant world.

This large hanging daybed will comfortably seat 3 adults and has a 4-point hanging system. This daybed gently oscillates and sways just by the mere fact you are on it. The chain provided allows for easy installation and height adjustment. The beautifully thick and luxuriously soft 24mm rope is spliced at the top ends for a refined, finished look and only requires you to tie a knot at the base.

Weight Capacity: 800kgs

Measurements: 190cm x 85cm x 65cm

Inclusions: 24mm outdoor grade rope. 4x Link chain. 4 x carabiners

If you are unsure about your roof’s ability to hang a daybed, please refer to our ‘Roof Suitability Flow Chart’ for reference or consult your local handyman or builder.

📌 Please note sizes can be modified, but please email to discuss.

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Charcoal, Natural Timber, White