Noosa Stone Base Cushion


Our cushions are designed for style and made to last

Noosa Stone is a slightly darker, check patterned, warm neutral toned cushion.

This base cushion will pair with almost any back pillow and accent pillow combination. The base cushions will add that extra layer of plushness, comfort and style to your swing.

This cushion is made for the outdoors

The Noosa Stone base seat cushion is a gorgeous fine check pattern with white and warm beige in colour. From a distance the cushion has a warm feel to it and up close, the fine check detail really highlights the fineness of the fabric.

This cushion is made for the outdoors, but can also be used indoors!

The cushions are all made using quality outdoor reticulated foam and a soft dacron padding layer to give the base cushions sturdiness and durability yet plush and soft to sit on. It is 55mm in height and soft to sit on.

Choose the cushion size based on what outdoor swing you choose:

-Can be used indoors or outdoors
-Sunlight and fade resistant
-Water repellent
-Anti-microbial protection
-Stain-resistant technology
-Easy Cleaning
-Concealed zipper
-Premium quality outdoor grade foam and padding

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Hand-wash and line dry. Do NOT iron or tumble dry.


Interested in a cushion package for your choice of swing?

We have a range of cushion package deals for you to make finding that perfect number and size of cushions easy.





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