Creating a Coastal Vibe for Your Home

Hamptons Home Hanging Daybed

If you’ve recently had your home renovated or built, you might be turning your attention to how you can now create the outdoor area of your dreams. Your yard should be somewhere you go to sit back, unwind, or entertain, so what could be more perfect than capturing that coastal relaxed vibe? 

Keep reading for our top 5 tips on how to turn your backyard into a coastal inspired haven.

Think About Your Foliage

 When you cast your mind back to your last coastal holiday, you no doubt picture plants such as palm trees, birds of paradise, and even coastal noonflower (also known as pigface). Therefore, one of the first areas you should address in your coastal makeover is outdoor plant life. 

Do you have any empty spaces just crying out for some greenery? Or is it time to rip out the old and breathe new life into your backyard once more? When selecting coastal inspired plants, be sure to consider each species’ individual needs to determine where they will thrive the most. Pots are also a fabulous way to add greenery and layers to your outdoor space.

We love using different sized pots to help create visual interest and focal points. 

outdoor pots
Image: @thebalconygarden

Create Depth and Flow with Timber Decking

According to the designers behind Three Birds Renovations, “the indoor/outdoor flow is super important in a beach house. It’s what brings the outdoor, beachy vibe into the house and invites guest out of the house and into the alfresco space.” 

To achieve this same balance in your own outdoor area, consider installing decking that flows from your back door. This not only gives you a whole new zone in your backyard, but also allows you to be clever in maximising your indoor/outdoor design – just like this luxe home. Add some generous, bi-fold doors or stackers and you’ll have a space that’s perfect for entertaining.

Add Stylish Shade with a Large Outdoor Umbrella or Pergola

 Nothing quite says coastal retreat like a resort-style umbrella. Not only do they look great, but they also provide your backyard with some much-needed shade and sun protection during the warmer months. 

While there are plenty of outdoor umbrella designs available, we recommend sticking to a striking navy blue or stark white for the ultimate beachy vibes. You’ll then have no problem matching all of those smaller coastal-inspired details, such as cushions or table settings.

However, if you’re in the market for something more substantial, an open timber pergola with a clever use of a deciduous vine can be a bold statement. Not only functional for shade in the summer, but it also has the ability to let the sunlight through in winter. Perfect for entertaining or relaxing in. 


Embrace White, Bright, and Airy

American architect Louis Kahn famously said, “a room is not a room without natural light.” We like to think the same principal applies to your outdoor space and achieving a bright and airy backyard should be a priority in any coastal makeover.

If anything is making your outdoor space dark, dull, or downright depressing, it’s time for it to go. 

Prune overgrown trees to let as much light through and embrace the colour white where possible. White encourages light to reflect off its surface and bounce around, creating the illusion of a brighter area.

In terms of aesthetics, you just can’t beat white pots or sun lounges for perfecting that coastal look.

Install an Outdoor Hanging Chair or Daybed

Speaking of chairs, this tip is the cherry-on-top of your coastal backyard transformation. Outdoor hanging chairs and hanging daybeds create the perfect place to sit, unwind, and overlook your beautiful backyard. They’re the epitome of Hamptons style, yet you don’t have to book a round-trip to the US to get your hands on one.

Here at Cartia Collective, we make our gorgeous porch swings in Australia that ooze sophistication. All you need to do is select the swing that you would like, and we’ll look after the rest.

Check out our outdoor swing packages today or contact our team to find out more! 

Malabar hanging daybed
Malabar hanging Daybed with Kona Cloud Outdoor Cushions